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Barbell Skull Crushers

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The barbell skull crusher exercise is a perfect upper arm exercise to blast away the bingo wings and tone up the flab! Easy to do from home or in a gym.

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Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extension

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Target the bingo wings and upper arms with a resistance band overhead tricep extension!

Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press

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An excellent exercise for both the bingo wings and the chest - the close-grip bench press is an excellent fatigued exercise for the upper arms!

Chair Tricep Dips

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Do this bingo blasting exercise anywhere you have access to a chair and target the upper arm fat from the comfort of your own home…or office!

Seated Overhead Tricep Extension

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Another excellent and fat burning bingo wing exercise you can do from the comfort of your own home - all you need is you and a cheap pair of dumbbells to torch those upper arms!

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Rosemary Conley: Bingo Wing Banishing Workout

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Rosemary Conley shares a upper arm toning workout full of her favourite bingo wing exercises to help banish them for good!

Lose The Arm Jingle Workout

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Banish the bingos  and stop the upper arm 'jiggling' with this super fat busting bing wing workout routine!